This Khutbah was recorded in Southlake on 03/10/2017. One of the most misunderstood ayat of the Quran is in Surah An-Nisaa. This is a classic example of how a passage, taken out of context leads to false claims against the word of Allah. In this khutbah, Ustadh Nouman Ali Khan stresses that we can’t read aya more »

This Khutbah was recorded in Euless on 03/03/2017. In Surah An-Nisaa Allah lays out the worst sins we must avoid. But often, says Nouman Ali Khan, people with a distorted sense of proportion focus so much on the small oversights while ignoring the major ones. A root cause of some of our serious sins is more »

Surah Ar-Rahman is a powerful wake-up call addressing all kinds of people, especially those exercising various degrees of disbelief. When it was revealed in Mecca, explains Nouman Ali Khan, Allah was talking specifically to the Quraish, who, despite having the greatest messenger, speaking to them in their own tongue, continued to mock and attack Prophet more »

This Khutbah was recorded in the Euless Masjid on 11/18/2016. During times of tribulation and hardship, what kind of a Muslim are you, asks Sheikh Abdullah Oduro as he recounts the inspiring story of Um Salama, one of the wives of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). Her resilience in the face of persecution in the early days more »

This Khutbah was recorded in Malaysia on 10/14/2016. Muslims must meet two sets of responsibilities, says Nouman Ali Khan: responsibilities towards Allah and towards people. While our obligations to Allah are clear and simple, with the only possibility of wrong-doing falling on us, human relationships are much more complicated. But the two are not separate more »