Dont Judge – Spread Salam – Khutbah by Nouman Ali Khan

by / Friday, 24 February 2017 / Published in Khutbahs, Nouman Ali Khan

This Khutbah was recorded in Malaysia on 9/2/2016.

Allah dedicates strong ayat in Surat An-Nisaa to describing the fate of al-munafiqun (the hypocrites), angrily describing their deserved place in the lowest depths of Hell. However, as Nouman Ali Khan explains, Allah’s anger is not a justification for us to get angry at them. Prophet Muhammad himself led the funeral prayer of the most notorious hypocrite in Medinah (Abdullah Ibn Obai Ibn Salloul) before the ayat forbidding that were revealed. Hypocrisy, like faith, lies in the heart and only Allah has knowledge of it. No Muslim should allow his faith to be tainted by prejudices and prior judgments.

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