Since Allah is in control of everything, why can’t He guarantee us a happy and perfect life? Such questions, says Nouman Ali Khan, lack humility and reek of entitlement. As Muslims, we must accept Allah not only as the creator and master, but embrace the fact that we are his slaves in a relationship of love, mercy, guidance, loyalty, longing, connection, more »

Is enjoyment the reserve of the afterlife? No, says Nouman Ali Khan. Islam did not condemn living well, it only condemned extravagance, which is relative. Having material in your hands doesn’t mean it’s in your heart, but the most important thing is to make the most of the package that Allah has granted you.    

The Quran is clear, explains Nouman Ali Khan: don’t kill your children because of bankruptcy, or fear of it in the future. Allah is the one who provides to you and to them. Wives who are pressured by husbands to have abortions should stand their ground because they carry a life that Allah owns, not us.    

Islamically, a forced marriage is null and void, says Nouman Ali Khan. Unless the woman consents without a hint of reluctance, such a union is invalid. Parents must beware of being more concerned with their own happiness and prestige than with the happiness of their daughters.    

Taking words from the Quran out of context to justify wrong behavior is the height of abuse of Allah’s revelation, says Nouman Ali Khan. The verse on “hitting women” in Surat An-Nisaa refers only to the extreme case of repeated and perpetual infidelity of the wife when all other warnings have been exhausted.